Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project 365 - Buddha in My Garden

There was a spot in my garden that bothered me.  It was not a place that you might have noticed if you were just passing through.  It was much more subtle than that.  Tucked away under the Carolina Silverbell, just beyond the dry stream bed.  It needed...something...

I planted some scotch moss and a tiny campanula in an old enamel basin I had found in the woods one day.  I thought it might light this trouble spot with brilliant green and a bit of blue.  It was...nice.  I moved it the next day.

I found a sand colored Buddha at the garden center.  He seemed to want to come home with me and so I, thought, I might have a place for him.

I set him down just next to the planted basin in that spot that, by now, had become a sore spot.

He sat....and we waited.  And the tree dressed him in her snowy petals.  The garden knew all along.