Friday, June 24, 2011

Project 365 - Busy Bees

I have two hives of Italian honey bees out at the edge of the grove of trees that stands between the road and the meadow.

Bees are creatures of habit and very task oriented.  There is a portion of the meadow that I mow that runs up into the grove near the hives.  As I mow, the bees continue their work of flying in and out of the hives in a bee line; a straight, unwaivering, line from point A to B.  They are not deterred by my presence. They bounce off of my head as I intersect their flight plan.

There are some bees whose job it is to guard the hive.  As I completed this shoot, one of these bees took their job a bit too seriously and chased me all the way across the meadow, over the driveway and into the circle garden before peeling off and heading home.