Sunday, July 31, 2011

Project 365 - The Stewartia

About 10 years ago, my sister in law and I travelled to Virginia for Garden Week.  We planned our trip around some the most beautiful and historic gardens throughout the state.  One of our stops, and perhaps my favorite, was at Monticello.  There is a rather unremarkable area where you can purchase plants that have been cultivated on the grounds.  Some can be traced back to Thomas Jefferson's time.

There was no historic value to the 2 foot Stewartia sapling I purchased for next to nothing.  It rode for the remainder of of our trip and all the way home between my sister in law's feet.

When I got home I planted it.  It grew a bit, but was not happy in it's new home.  So I moved it one day to a sunny spot that allows me to see it from my family room window.  We were both happy.

Today it blooms with white purity in spring for up to 6 weeks.  In winter, it's multicolored mottled bark outside my window reminds me that spring is really not that far away.