Sunday, July 31, 2011

Project 365 - Frog Underwater

Katie and Maddie and I hiked down the bank and into the creek.  The flowing water of spring has diminished to half it's volume in the warm summer air.  The skunk cabbage has wilted and dried on what was the bank of the creek just weeks ago.  The ephemeral flowers are gone, replaced by sprigs of less dramatic shades of summer green.

Katie ran ahead.  Maddie picked her way on the drying creek bed, picking up a walking stick along the way.

I am disappointed.  I have lugged my camera equipment down the bank to find nothing that interested me.  But then, Maddie turns and quietly waves me over to her perch on a rock over a still pool of water.  I clank my way over in time to see a dart of green disappear under a rock.  Maddie patiently waded into the pool and gently reached under the rock.  Seconds later our beautiful green friend came out to play.