Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project 365 - Thankful

Today is the 100th day of my 365 photo blog project.  Off and on all day, I have wrestled with how to mark this milestone. What to shoot....what to write.  In the end, I am cheating a bit.

Last fall, my sister came for a week-end visit and on a whim we decided to visit the Pennsylvania Colonial Plantation located down the street from my house in Ridley Creek State Park.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  We took Maddie with us.  The three of us spent our time walking through the past.  We visited with weavers and blacksmiths, furniture makers and farmers, all dressed in period costume and full of colonial information.  We wandered around the barnyard marveling at the sizable pigs lounging in the mud and took our turn at feeding the chickens.

Finally, we made our way up to the farmhouse.  A fire was burning in the parlor hearth taking the chill out of our pink cheeks.  And there seated at the large farmhouse table in the center of the room sat a beautiful little colonial child.  She glanced up as we entered, and seeing Maddie, she immediately issued an invitation to join her as she colored her pictures of cows and horses.  I asked her if it was ok for me to take her picture.  She stopped her work for a moment,  and gave me the briefest of grins.  I asked her name.  "Thankful, " she replied.

And so as I close the first 100 days of the most challenging and fullfilling work I have ever undertaken, I can not think of a better image and sentiment to share.  Thankful.  Yes, indeed.