Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project 365 - Tucked Away

I have been gardening this plot of land for over 10 years now.  The peace I find here can not be defined.

I know every inch of ground.  I can show you where the groundhog lives, where the deer travel up and down the bank on their way to the creek.

I have allowed volunteers to sprout between the heavy Avondale bluestone that I pieced together into a rustic patio out under the 80 year old cedar trees, just behind the 100 year old boxwood.  Baby hosta, brunnera, and heuchera peek their tiny green heads up out of the soil that has been fertilized with cedar needles.

There is a carpet of moss that covers the rocky soil out behind the garage.  This time of year the entire expanse flushes emerald.  It covers rock and root.  If you take your shoes off the softness gives way to cool, moist spring soil.  The last of winter held under that green.

Out by the drive, just off the back deck stands an ancient lilac.  It is in pretty rough shape.  Every year as I do my early rounds, I wonder if it will make another full season.  Part of it is hollow and broken.  I have had to prune back sizable branches in an attempt to secure another year intact.  But this lilac is full of surprises. It has already begun to send it's little green leaves out to greet me, and tucked away in her hollow a piece of whimsy lives. A welcome, gentle grin that even I did not expect.