Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 365 - Boots On The Ground

If I could go barefoot all year round, I would.  I realize that there are very good reasons that humans need to cover and protect their feet from the elements, but honestly, is there anything that feels as good and right as nothing between foot and ground?

All that being said, I admit to having more than my fair share of shoes and boots.  I line them up in closet and mud room like so many obedient little soldiers awaiting orders.  Some missions are easy and require little effort, some are downright trecherous like a good long hike into the woods and over the boulder field.  There are shoes in my closet that really were not meant to be worn.  They are works of art in shape and line.  But no self repsecting foot would be considered a true match for the tilt, rise and balance required to navigate an evening out in them.  Ankle busters, limo shoes.  If you have nick names for your shoes it is not a good thing.

Then there are the boots.  Fashion boots, waterproof boots, hiking boots, boots that can not get wet.  Anklets and knee highs. Square toes, pointy toes....

Come spring I will put them all away and happily forget that I have them. I will kick off my shoes and let my feet out to play. And we will be who we really are...my feet and me.