Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project 365 - The Sycamore

There are some things that are at their best when you least expect it.  The Sycamore tree is a fine example of that.  All summer long these majestic beauties are covered in huge ratty looking leaves.  As the summer turns to fall, there are no brilliant, blazing colors encircling our stately friend's botanical brow.  Instead it is a headdress of brown and crumbling decay.

Now she stands exposed.  It is then that her true beauty is realized by all who take the time to see her.  Her multicolored bark arranged in random patterns taking on the textures of rough and smooth simultaneously.  Her long and twisted branches reaching far beyond her roots reach below.

The older the Sycamore gets the more pronounced her beauty, the more she stands apart from the average oak or maple. A testament to maturity and strength.