Friday, February 11, 2011

Project 365 - Meet Mr. Peepers

Today was not the best day I have ever had.  So, this morning when I went to spend time with my good friend, Barb, and I met Mr. Peepers for the first time, he kinda creeped me out.  He stared at me for a bit.  I stared back.  Finally, I couldn't take it and I turned him around.

Nothing really touched me this morning.  Especially not Mr. Peepers.  His gaze trickled in and set off a fountain of tears.  And when the fountain ran dry, the words flowed.

Barb brought me kleenex.  She listened.  She heard me.  Mr. Peepers looked the other way.  He was waiting his turn.

After hours of friendship and caring, I reached for Mr. Peepers.  He looked me in the eye and gave me his contagious, crooked little smile.

Thanks, Mr. Peepers.  I am ready for my next step.