Monday, February 7, 2011

Project 365 - Katie

I have had dogs off and on for my whole life.  All of these furry friends have been wonderful.  All have been shared.  Mother and father, brothers and sister, husband and kids.  Each staked their claim in time and attention.  I was one of many.

Six years ago, I decided to look for my dog. At the time, we had a lovely family dog named Jack that the kids adored.  He was a collie mix breed that entertained us all with his herding of neighborhood squirrels and chipmunks, not to mention kids.  I thought I could slip my new dog in under the radar.

I decided  a small dog was what I wanted.  A breed that did not shed.  A smart dog.  And a female.  Not that I was being picky.

From there I did everything wrong. I went to a pet store.  And I took a kid or two.  We milled around.  Played with a few pups.  As I was rounding up the kids, I caught a glimpse of a tiny red ball of fuzz.  That was it.  I was a goner.

Katie is definitely my dog and I am her Mom.  She spends her day following me from room to room.  In the spring, she gardens with me, riding beside me on the little John Deere.  She keeps me company as I walk in the woods, blazing trails, exploring the creeks.  And when I return home after being out, she greets me as if it is the most exciting event ever.

At night, she curls herself up often in the crook of my knees.  If I wake during the night, I reach down and feel the warmth of the love between a dog and her girl.

Like I said, a goner.