Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project 365 - Glass and Stars

This is not one of my better shots.  I admit this freely and without guilt.  My lens has the remnants of the last time I went out in the snow on it.  Dots of evaporated cold. There is also a bit of smootz floating around there at the top of the frame.  The resolution is a bit grainy and I was simply too tired to mess with the contrast or the vibrance or the saturation.

So, why, you may ask, have I selected this image?  The answer is simple.  It is not an image of snow. I shot this image in the lobby of our little hotel in Miami Beach. 

Last night we flew away from snow and ice and into Oz.  We walked the beach last night, thawing our frozen toes in the warm sand.  This morning as I write this, Maddie and Doug are happily splashing in the hotel pool.  It is freedom.

And here, in our snuggly piece of warmth, as we made our way back to our room after our giddy walk, I noticed this wall of glass.  Warm and colorful.  Full of shadow and highlight.  It is clear that someone had given this wall a great deal of thought.  The exact placement of the glass.  The colors standing in complimentary order.  The lighting set just right, setting off the swirls, transparency and opaque glow of each piece.  And as if that were not enough,  they set halogen spots above the whole wall.  The cherry on the sundae.  Starlight for those who take the time to really look.