Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 365 - A Stop In The Woods

Ten plus years ago, as I was driving home one winter afternoon, I noticed this stop sign hiding in the woods just off the road.  At the time, I was not the photographer in the family, my daughter, Erin, was.  I was, however, the family nudge.

At first, I nudged her gently.  Suggesting that this would be an excellent subject for her photography class assignment.  She responded, as most all teenagers would, with a weak little smile, a thanks Mom, and an eye roll.  Maybe she would take a look.... sometime.  Days passed.  Her assignment was handed in without my contribution.  I nudged a little harder.  Ok, maybe it bordered on nagging.  In any case, she did eventually walk up the hill from our house and take the shot.  To this day, her image is tucked in among other favorites on the magnet board above the family desk in the kitchen.

So, as I was thinking about what my shoot would be for today, my mind wandered back to this hidden treasure and why it was then, as it is now, important to make a stop in the woods.