Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project 365 - The Stone Lady

Down the street and around the corner stands this stately manor house smack in the middle of the Ridley Creek State Park.  I take it for granted.  We drive by on our way to a more remote parking area at one of several trailheads.  I have found it's very shabby and worse for wear neighbor, the greenhouse, a more enticing subject in my photographic portfolio.

She does not seem to mind.  A vision in bygone stately grace, she waits.  Patience is her full time occupation.  It is clear that it was not always this way.

But, still, in spite of her age and the bits and pieces that time has stolen from her, she does not have a bad side.  A portrait of a graceful stone lady.

I'm glad I stopped by for an afternoon visit.  Next time, I will not stay away so long.