Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project 365 - Happy Birthday, Mom

Dear Mom:

I spent a good part of today thinking about you.  About how last year for your birthday I sent you flowers.  About how I let your thank you phone call go to voice mail until it was more convenient for me to call you back.  I did not know or fully appreciate how precious your time was.

This year, I bought you a bit of chocolate topped with peanut butter frosting.  I placed it on a pure white French porcelin plate. One candle, I thought, would do for a quiet celebration of ninty years. The last time I asked you, you told me that red was your favorite color.  So, red it was.

A Windsor chair at the head of the dining room table.  Reserved for special occasions.  Reserved for special people on their birthday.  I sat quietly to the right. I lit the candle and watched it bring light to the darkened room and warmth to a darkened heart. I sang Happy Birthday. A song laced with tears that flowed on forever.  I closed my eyes and blew out the candle knowing that my birthday wish would not come true.

Happy Birthday, Mom.  I love you.