Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project 365 - The Pearls

The other day I was rummaging around in my jewelry drawer looking for a pair of earrings to wear. I am not in that drawer very often.  I do not wear jewelry on a daily basis, but that day I had a meeting that seemed to require a bit of something.

I knew the box was there, just out of the reach of my probing fingers.  Best left untouched this time.

This evening, as I was driving home from a masterful performance by The Pennsylvania Ballet, she passed through my thoughts and heart.  She had seen the Ballet Russe in New York when she was young.  I wondered which piece they had performed for her.  I wondered if it was Swan Lake.  I wondered if she had left the theater with the same joy nestled in her heart that I felt today.

When I got home, I went straight to my drawer.  This time, my hand was eager for the feel of the small, white box.  I fingered the yellow sticky note as I read it's tender message for the millionth time. I opened the box and removed it's treasure.  Bits of round, smooth, ivory history strung together with love. And for just a moment I held her close.