Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 365 - The Old Wagon

The temperature is 15 degrees and I am wearing slippers.  But there it was, an incredible late afternoon winter sky, a snow covered field and an old wagon.  I pulled a u-turn.

I guess it is evident by now, that this area is pretty rich in history.  This farm is no exception.  The land has been farmed for generations.  It is part of a 650 acre parcel of land that was one of many Penn land grants.  It is also part of The Westtown School property, a Quaker school established in 1799.  Many of the crops produced here still go to feed the students and faculty.

The students at Westtown troop down over the hill in the spring to sample the season's first strawberries or to treat themselves to a Hank's root beer.  They lounge on the hill just outside of the farmstand, chatting and laughing in the spring sun. Baseball opening day and the opening of the farm almost always coincide in April.  A rite of spring.

But, for now, I am standing in a snow bank wishing that I had worn my Wellies and a pair of wooly socks. The wind is stinging my cheeks and my fingers are stiff from the cold. Thoughts of a warm spring day and the soft whisper of giddy voices released from cold are fleeting.  The pull of my car heater wins out today.  So I grab my images and head home.