Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365 - Ganesha

A few years back, I returned to the practice of yoga.  I had begun to practice  many years earlier almost as a last resort.  I knew I needed to add some sort of consistent physical exercise to my life, but I really hated the gym thing. It all seemed like so much work.  One day, while at the gym peddling my ass off  on a stationary bike and swearing under my breath with every rotation, I happened to notice a group of people lying on the floor in a room with the lights out.  It was love at first sight. I wanted to do that. Turns out, I was pretty good at yoga even when I was doing poses a bit more strenuous than "dead man's pose". For a while, I floated in and out of classes. Finally, as I did with most things back then, I put yoga away and stopped practicing altogether.

Several months later, as I was driving home from the grocery store, I noticed that a yoga studio had opened in what used to be the village blacksmith shop.  I continued to drive by for another year or so. Each time making a mental note. When I got home I would think about calling for a class.  Then I threw my back out.  I called the yoga studio.

I embraced my new, more wholistic approach to yoga. The mind, body, spirit connection is a powerful thing. And as a result, I began to question a number of aspects of my life.  I asked my yoga teacher for direction in meditation.  At our next practice, we sat on our mats facing each other.  On the floor between us, he placed a small brass figure of a Hindi god.  My teacher smiled and said, " Let me introduce you to Genesha, the remover of Obstacles."

I have since found my own Genesha.  A tiny, black onyx figure that was hand carved in Tibet.  I have also learned that Genesha not only removes obstacles, but he has the power to place obstacles in our path as well.  Wisdom it seems is not always found along a clear path but is sometimes found when we are forced to pause.