Friday, January 28, 2011

Project 365 - Color Through Haze

I went to The Gryphon Cafe today.  I was there to have coffee with a dear friend and to measure the wall that will hold a collection of my work for the month of February.

The business portion of this excursion was completed very quickly.  But, my friend and I lingered there together for nearly 2 hours.  We laughed together and caught up on the events of the week. She sipped tea poured from a colorful tea pot and I drank my latte from a mismatched cup and saucer.  It was a joy.  There was nothing dramatic or out of the ordinary.  Just two women sharing life.

Outside it was grey.  Snow fell from time to time. Dirty slush splashed from under passing car tires as their occupants manuevered their way on down Lancaster Pike.  It was a cold and dreary day that frosted windows and chilled bones.

I glanced up and over my friend's shoulder.  As the external cold collided with the internal warmth and bumped up against the glass that held these worlds apart, a burst of color defined it all.