Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 365 - Reflection

Mirrors are interesting.  The more vain among us can not pass one by without gazing into it, adjusting our hair, checking that there isn't a piece of our lunchtime salad stuck between our bleached white teeth.  Rarely do we look beyond ourselves.

The world on reflection is a very different place.  Through reflection we are able to look within, exploring darkened corners, dusting them with the light of brief recognition.  We can gaze gently into the world outside.  Foggy light, decorated with muted color and blurred lines.

Moments of reflection bring us clarity.  Often in a way that is counterintuitive, we are able to see our world from the inside out, without distortion or distraction.  The essence of our creativity shines clear and in focus.   And the shape of things to come is crafted and held tight.  Lighting our way.

Look closely.  You are standing there. A connection between what has been and what will be.  A mirror image of all that is good.