Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365 - Saturday Morning

Most every Saturday morning, a bit after 10, you can find my husband and I hunkered down at our favorite local coffee shop.  There is nothing astonishing about this. It is simply our way of stopping the world for an hour or so and catching up with each other.  Sometimes we are full of talk, planning, exchanging ideas, dreaming.  Other times we simply sip our coffee and watch the morning go by.

Our lives are busy and diverse.  We spend a good deal of time each week on opposite sides of our world.  Me, steeped in kids and art and home.  Doug, in business and travel and all things corporate. It would be easy to let it roll on over us. And, in fact, we have traveled that road from time to time.  Drifting along with an ever widening distance between us, until one of us, says, "Hey!  Wanna go get a cup of coffee?'